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United Kingdom

It's funny because England is my birthplace and yet I haven't seen much! I lived in London for two years and I go back regularly, but that's where my visits end. There are so many beautiful places to see in the UK which I think is underrated in terms of what it has to offer. From the Lake District to Cornwall to the Yorkshire Dales, as well as Scotland, Ireland and Wales, I have quite a few places on my bucket list that I will obviously share here when I get the chance to visit! 


Amidst the smell of food, art galleries, independent shops, markets, and cute cafes, let me me show how to experience the East End of London!


Edinburgh is full of quirky and enticing places, each as unique and unexpected as the next, from green sunny hills to medieval castles to narrow cobbled streets, here's how to spend three days in the Scottish capital!


I didn't eat out that much in Edinburgh but I thought I would share a short article about three places to eat and drink in Edinburgh that I really enjoyed!

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