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My first trip to Greece was on the island of Crete,  which is the ideal destination to admire the remains of great civilisations and impressive mountainous landscapes, to explore beautiful beaches, fertile valleys and impressive gorges, without forgetting the exceptional Cretan cuisine! I fell in love with the people, food and neverending beauty of this place, and I hope that my little travel guides can inspire you to get the most out of this mythical island!


Crete is a small world full of beauty and treasures. Discover my practical guide to making the most of your stay on this mythical island!


No matter where you stay in Crete, you are never too far from a beautiful beach with white sand and turquoise waters. I invite you to discover three beaches, which in my opinion, are not to be missed! 

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Aside from its beaches, Crete is full of exceptional natural sites and relics of its glorious past that are absolutely worth a visit! 

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