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24 Hours in Prague: A Traveller's Guide

Prague, with its fairytale-like architecture and rich cultural heritage, holds a special allure for travellers from around the world. Having had the pleasure of visiting Prague twice myself, I can confidently say that it's one of my favourite European cities to explore. Each time I return, I discover new facets of its charm and history, making it a destination that I recommend to everyone !

Charle's Bridge Prague

Making the Most of your 24 Hours in Prague

While it's impossible to experience everything Prague has to offer in just 24 hours, it's surprising how much you can see and do in a single day. Last summer, during a road trip to Norway, Prague became a delightful pit stop along the way (or rather a detour). With only 24 hours to spare, my companion Ismaïl, who had never properly explored Prague before, and I set out to make the most of our time, immersing ourselves in the city's enchanting atmosphere. This brief guide aims to assist you in efficiently planning your 24 hours in Prague!

Getting Around Prague

One of the joys of Prague is its pedestrian-friendly layout. Whether winding through the narrow alleys of the Old Town or crossing the iconic Charles Bridge, exploring on foot allows for a deeper connection with the city's ambiance and hidden treasures. Of course, Prague's efficient tram and metro system offer convenient alternatives for traversing longer distances, ensuring that every corner of the city is within reach. For more information about Prague's public transport system click here. Where to Stay for 24h in Prague

Accommodation options in Prague cater to a wide range of tastes and budgets. During my solo journey, I stayed at Sir Toby's Hostel, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre yet easily accessible by tram. The hostel's welcoming atmosphere, cleanliness, and array of room choices, including all-female dormitories, made it a delightful place to stay.

On our second visit, Ismaïl and I opted for a cosy Airbnb room situated near key transportation hubs. Despite its simplicity, the warmth of our host and the comfort of the accommodations made it a perfect (and cheap!) home base for our Prague adventure.

When to Visit Prague

While Prague exudes charm year-round, the summer months tend to attract throngs of tourists eager to bask in the city's splendor. For a more tranquil experience, consider visiting during the shoulder seasons or even the winter months, when Prague's cobblestone streets are adorned with a magical dusting of snow. Both times I visited were in summer, and to be honest, the second time was much less crowded than the first back in 2018, perhaps due to the effects of Covid. 24 hours in Prague : Where to go

With just a day to explore, prioritising Prague's most iconic landmarks and cultural treasures is essential so here's a non-exhaustive list of places to visit. While you can certainly interchange them with other well-known sites, these are the places we saw in one day, and I believe it made for a pretty good itinerary. Plus, we managed to get in 30,000 steps !

The Old Town Square: A bustling epicenter of activity, framed by elegant facades, historic churches, galleries and the beautiful Astronomical Clock.

Talking of which, the Astronomical Clock, a masterpiece of medieval engineering, stands as a focal point in Prague's Old Town Square and is a must see during your 24h in Prague. Dating back to the 15th century, this remarkable timepiece not only tells the time to this day but also tracks the position of the sun, moon, and the stars ! Every hour, crowds gather to witness the clock's captivating performance, as the Twelve Apostles emerge to mark the passage of time with a beautiful display.

Prague Astronomical Clock

  • Charles Bridge: Take a leisurely stroll across this 14th-century marvel, adorned with statues of saints and offering breathtaking views of the Vltava River and Prague Castle.

  • Prague Castle: While time may not allow for a comprehensive tour, meander through the castle's enchanting gardens and catch a glimpse of the majestic St. Vitus Cathedral.

Letnà Park: Conclude your day with a tranquil interlude at Letnà Park, where panoramic vistas and refreshing Czech beer provide the perfect backdrop for unwinding and soaking in the city's beauty.

As I mentioned, this is a non-exhaustive list, and there are plenty of other fantastic places to visit in Prague. During my first trip, I explored sites like the John Lennon Wall, the Náplavka Market (a fantastic farmers' market), the Dancing House, and the Petřín Tower. If you have more than 24 hours in Prague, I highly recommend adding these places to your itinerary ! You can also consider swapping out some of the suggestions above with these attractions for a well-rounded Prague experience.

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