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Three Places to Eat and Drink in Edinburgh

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

I didn't know what to expect food-wise when visiting Edinburgh but I can say that I was pleasantly surprised! Not going to lie, Elyssa and I didn't actually eat out that much, I was debating whether to post a food guide as we only went to three restaurants/cafes and I thought it wouldn't be very useful. I thought about including the list in my previous article on how to spend 3 days in Edinburgh but it didn't look right so here is a short article about the three places to eat and drink in Edinburgh. Bon appétit!

Royal Mile Tavern

Located just a minute's walk from Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile Tavern offers comforting and traditional Scottish pub food with live music every evening. The menu, both for food and drink, offers an array of dishes such as fish and chips, bangers & mash and haggis and beers. They also have my all-time favourite dessert which is sticky toffee pudding (a must-have when I visit the UK) as well as the infamous deep fried mars bars. My friend took on the challenge and ordered the latter for dessert and, as expected, it was incredibly sweet and greasy. The service was good and it was good quality/quantity for the money. All in all, the RoyaI Mile Tavern is a lovely place to eat and drink in Edinburgh and I highly recommend trying it out during your stay!

The Wall Coffee and Design House

This cosy and rustic coffee shop located in Old Town was our go-to place during our three days in Edinburgh. As the hostel didn't offer good coffee, we decided to go on the hunt for a nice coffee shop in town. We came across The Wall as we walked up Cockburn Street and we immediately fell in love with the decor and charm of the place! The coffee was excellent and we always ordered a sultana scone to go with it hehe.


If you're not from the UK, Wagamama is a well-known Japanese chain that offers a wide variety of dishes at reasonable prices. We went there on our first night as it was an easy and trustworthy option. We were tired from the journey and decided to go for something quick and easy. I was already familiar with Wagamama so I knew what to expect. If you're looking for a quick and easy meal but you don't fancy fast food then you can't go wrong with this restaurant! There are several Wagamamas in Edinburgh, we went to the one on Saint Andrew's Square near Princes Street.

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