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I'm a passionate backpack traveler, driven by the love of discovering new destinations, immersing myself in diverse cultures, and savouring unique experiences. The creation of this blog stems from my desire to chronicle my adventures, to provide valuable insights and tips for fellow travel enthusiasts and to simply have fun !


Within these digital pages, you'll encounter honest reviews, personal travel narratives, and practical guidance aimed at enhancing your own journeys. I invite you to embark on this adventure with me, as we explore the boundless possibilities of the world together!

Welcome ! 



Blonde On The Road

Hi there! My name is Anastasia, I'm 26 and live in the South of France. Aside from my deep love for cats, wine, and pizza, I'm passionate about travelling and hiking and I enjoy sharing experiences and photos of my adventures in the hopes of being able to inspire yours ! 

Travelled to: Turkey, Morocco, India, Russia, Hungary and many more

Recently back from: Norway

I am now in: Montpellier, France


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